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i bite

Cuts, cuts, cuts

Guardian front page spewing misery. La la la la la la la la la la fingersinears la la la la la. Isn't odd that the majority of politicians in charge of the 'economy' haven't been trained in economics? Heart flutters with violence. what does it mean to have £70bn in debt interest? all the cool kids are in it, no? what i hate about it, i guess, is the impulse to be selfish. 'oh no, we must be frugal and vicious and selfish, it's going to be me me me who loses everything, oh it's all so bad, everything i've worked for will all fall apart, hide hide hide hide hide'. aren't we all fretting about this mad, mad number? when it's really, really going to fuck people over - people in the public sector, people who rely on the public sector, people with families, people with responsibilities other than being able to buy enough booze to anesthetize their brain cells every weekend in the name of 'fun'. this impulse to 'hide hide hide hide and prohibit, prohibit, prohibit' blocks empathy to everyone around us -- friends, communities, strangers. Fear is supreme selfishness, legitimising one's own fear at the expense of recognising other people's. i know i know so little about economics, politics -- it's difficult to go beyond the rhetoric and respond with something other than superficial criticism, reflexive opposition, unengaging engagement or gut-vomit. getting involved isn't fuming at the computer screen. and fear isn't a good motivator. 


in side lives, i'm enjoying suburbia immensely recently (less than two weeks until i move out!). another 2 mile run today by fields. sweet smell of summer - soil, blossom, roses. light drizzle. warm air. soft, crunchy earth.