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i bite

Fight against Boredom

I know boredom is luxury and that I have to preface everything I write with a crippling self-knowledge that everything I think and do is selfish. This is not new and the setting has never been more perfect for possibilities. All I need to do is fight against ennui and this might start with something as simple as reading. There is a reason I spent 5 years of my life pouring over literature, which has shaped me in so many ways and prepared/dictated to me the inevitable confusions that accompany adulthood. I love everything, I really, really do. And I can only love things more by unlocking even more gorgeous possibilities in this glorious city. I have a greater knowledge of what interests me - walks are catatonic, runs liberate, so-and-so comforts, daydreaming is pleasure, repetition is hell. Everything else is so much more open.